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  7. anoSlide - Lightweight responsive jQuery carousel
  8. anoCookie - Cookie Control Directive
  9. anoFlow - Responsive lightbox gallery plugin for jQuery
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      1. jQuery Plugins
        1. anoCookie - Responsive Cookie Control script
        2. anoSlide - Responsive jQuery carousel
        3. anoFlow - Responsive jQuery lightbox gallery
      2. Magento Extensions
        1. Magento Direct Add To Cart from external link
        2. Magento Default Customer Currency
        3. Magento Awesome Checkout Add-on for GTM (UA) Tracking
        4. Magento 2 Chrome, Firefox, and Safari Push Notifications
        5. Magento Second Backend Password
        6. Magento VAT MOSS compliance
        7. Magento Update All Product Prices
        8. Magento Google Trusted Stores / Customer Reviews
        9. Magento Dynamic Extra Fee
        10. Magento Sync Products and Inventory via SOAP
        11. Magento Perfect Audience Tracking
        12. Magento MaxMind GeoIP2 Precision Services
        13. Magento Integration with Parse
        14. Magento Search Suggestons with Google Custom Search API
        15. Magento Onestepcheckout Add-on for GTM (UA) Tracking
        16. Magento Disable Basket Merge on Login
        17. Magento Update Simple Products prices from Configurable products
        18. Magento EAN to Barcode PDF for Dymo LabelWriter
        19. Magento Request Brochure Form
        20. Magento Tax/VAT Switcher
        21. Magento Options/Variants Matrix for Configurable Products
        22. Magento Conditional/Dynamic Shipping Methods
        23. Magento Google PageSpeed Insights Analysis
        24. Magento Extended SOAP API v2 WSI-Compliant
        25. Magento Kounta POS Sync Integration
      3. Wordpress Themes
      4. Shopify Apps
        1. Shopify Ajax Store/Dealer locator App
      5. Magento Themes
        1. French - Nursery and Baby Responsive theme for Magento based on Twitter Bootstrap 3
        2. Onewave - Responsive Single Product Theme for Magento based on Twitter Bootstrap
        3. Airwave - Responsive Magento Theme based on Twitter Bootstrap 3
      6. Magento services
      7. Wordpress Plugins
        1. Wordpress Automatic Thumbnail Crop
        2. WordPress WooCommerce Google Tag Manager Enhanced Ecommerce (UA) Tracking
      8. Magento 2 Extensions
        1. Magento 2 Direct add to cart from external link
        2. Magento 2 Onestepcheckout Add-on for GTM (UA) Tracking - Firecheckout
        3. Magento 2 Google Analytics 4 Enhanced Ecommerce tracking (GTM)
        4. Magento 2 Move Out of Stock products
        5. Magento 2 Signature Pad
        6. Magento 2 Currency Flags and Icons
        7. Magento 2 Add Extra Product to cart
        8. Magento 2 Default Customer Currency
        9. Magento 2 Disable Product Delete / Less actions
        10. Magento 2 Disable Cart and Quote sharing between Stores
        11. Magento 2 Filter Payment Method
        12. Magento 2 Custom variables HTML Editor
        13. Magento 2 Sale to Purchase Order
        14. Magento 2 Pricing History Graph
        15. Magento 2 Sync Products and Inventory via SOAP
        16. Magento 2 Advanced View mode
        17. Magento 2 Onestepcheckout Add-on for GTM (UA) Tracking
        18. Magento 2 Similar Priced Products
        19. Magento 2 Mass Delete Cart price rules
        20. Magento 2 Live Quote
        21. Magento 2 Sort Category Products by Drag & Drop
        22. Magento 2 Isotope Enhanced Layered Navigation
        23. Magento 2 Mini Cart Recommended Products
        24. Magento 2 Tax/VAT Switcher
        25. Magento 2 Hide Product from Customers
      9. Dynamic PDF Forms
        1. PDF Invoice Form with VAT validation
      10. Garmin
        1. Garmin Dots Watchface
  12. Showcase
  13. anoFile - Lightweight jQuery Ajax File Upload

Extensions for Magento

Anowave is an extension developer for Magento 1.x and Magento 2.x platforms. We provide a wide range of premium extensions for our in-house and public clients. The extensions that we offer extend the capabilities of Magento and provide a bespoke functionality. They also fill some missing gaps in the functionality provided by the base platform and help customers in chosing Magento as prefered ecommerce platform.

The extensions that we offer are part of our full range Magento service which includes also a Premium Helpdesk where customers get to speak with actual software engineers and get their issues resolved without hussle. Premium labeled modules also include free installation, confiuration, testing etc.