anoFlow - Responsive lightbox gallery plugin for jQuery

Responsive lightbox gallery based on jQuery


  • Responsive lighbox gallery
  • Lightweight
  • Built on top of jQuery
  • Suitable for mobile development
  • Free for personal and commercial use
  • Integrated image preloader (anoPreload v1.0)
  • Captions support
  • Multiple configurable options
  • Keyboard arrows enabled

Configuration options

selector jQuery selector
This is the selector used by the plugin to collect other lightbox enabled images. Default ".lightbox"
distance Distance between lightbox modal and viewport
Default: 100
easing Easing
Animation easing
blockUI Block UI JSON
blockUI.speed (in milliseconds)
blockUI.opacity. Range: 0.1 - 1
blockUI.zIndex (Default 9998)
blockUI.background - Background color
resize JSON
resize.speed - Transition speed (in milliseconds)
image JSON
image.fade - Fade speed (in milliseconds)
onConstruct Callback
Triggered at gallery construction time
onStart Callback
Triggered when animation starts
index - Current slide number
onEnd Callback
Triggered when animation ends
index - Current slide number


Please find below a link to online demo of anoFlow - Responsive lightbox gallery plugin for jQuery


Please find below a link to downloadable Zip file.

Report an issue/bug

Please use the following form to report an issue/bug you've found in anoFlow - Responsive lightbox gallery plugin for jQuery. We will review the reported issue and get in touch with you as soon as possible.
* Note:Your email and personal information WILL NOT be used for any other purpose except for posting back bug related information.

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