Airwave - Responsive Magento Theme based on Twitter Bootstrap 3

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Airwave is out of the box responsive theme for Magento based on Twitter Bootstrap 3 ready for mobile and desktop devices.

It includes Ajax based shopping cart, beautiful animated carousels, autocomplete enabled search, tabular interface and more.

Focused on the essential stuff, Airwave presents a clean and easy to use interface accessible by any device, starting from mobile phones, tablets, iPads, iPhones to standard desktop devices.


Airwave is out of the box, responsive theme for Magento based on Twitter Bootstrap 3.

Key features

  • Clean and intiutive interface
  • Fully responsive and suitable for any device starting from mobile devices to desktop computers.
  • Based on Twitter Bootstrap
  • Full width animated carousels
  • Full with animated tabular interface
  • Built in AJAX cart for Magento
  • Built in Owl Carousel for Magento
  • Built in Mega dropdown menu for Magento
  • Built in lightbox gallery - anoFlow 1.0 by Anowave
  • Built in autocomplete search
  • Minimal and clean icons
  • Custom font - Roboto
  • Advanced product tabs
  • Bespoke layered navigation.
  • Fully compatible with all Magento Extensions by Anowave

Clean interface

Unlike other Magento themes, Airwave is introducing a more bespoke concept by exploring large areas, large images, full width carousels, responsive galleries and more. It turns Magento into a visually appealing store with a bespoke feel.

By getting rid of all the bloat, Airwave theme focuses on essential stuff to ease customer in decision making.

Homepage Breakdown

Find below a breakdown of homepage components. See Fig. Homepage

Fig. Homepage

Product page breakdown

Find below a breakdown of product detailed page components. See Fig. Product details

Fig. Product details

Bespoke layered navigation

Airwave is the first responsive Magento theme to introduce an alternative bespoke layered navigation. It features a new design of the layered navigation based on dropdown to avoid large scroll caused by hundreds of options and focus customer attention to product listing.

Find below a breakdown of category listing page components including bespoke layered navigation. See Fig. Layered navigation.

Fig. Layered navigation

AJAX Cart breakdown

Find below a breakdown of ajax cart components. See Fig. Ajax Cart

Fig. Ajax Cart

Clean CSS styles and code

If you ever purchased a Magento theme in the past, you've almost certainly ran against messy styles, spaghetti code and more. In other words, almost impossible to modify and support.

Airwave is designed to provide readable code and directory structure which will help you in adjusting the theme for your particular needs thus saving you time and money.


Autocomplete Search

Airwave is introducing an advanced autocomplete enabled search to allow customers to get suggestion regarding search terms and phrases. Unlike other similar solutions, Airwave's autocomplete search goes a few steps further by including product title, product short description and optionally image directly into the suggestions list. But that's not all, suggestions are clickable and client is redirected to the product detail page instead of search results.

Improved quantity picker

The theme provides built-in quantity picker based on jQuery to ease customers in entering desired quantity. It is possible to adjust quantity with the using mouse only.

Browser support
IE 9,IE 10,IE 11,Firefox,Chrome,Safari (for Windows),Opera
Magento platform version

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Customer review(s)

Purchased Airwave - Responsive Magento Theme based on Twitter Bootstrap 3

Airwave is unlike 90% of the themes we've reviewed in the past. It's a true attempt to demonstrate the unlimited flexibility offered by Magento. You will not see the usual suspects - left sidebar, standard product grid, standard layered navigation etc. but quite the opposite. Not to mention that it's mobile friendly.

The theme is also equipped with a Slider extension by Anowave which allows you to manage the full width sliders with ease.

With regards to personalization, you're not bound to any colors, backgrounds and/or images. CSS readability is excellent and customizing theme is a breeze.

As a drawback I would outline the lack of examples and guidelines regarding customization. The support however is outstanding and with their help we managed to adjust the theme as per our needs.

Bottom line, Ariwave is another awesome work by Anowave. Hope more is to come.

Yes, I recommend this product

Purchased Airwave - Responsive Magento Theme based on Twitter Bootstrap 3

I was searching for weeks to find something similar for our client's project. We had a requirement to achieve a bespoke feel for Magento based online store but this proved to be harder then we thought.

Airwave breaks most of the common rules used by the majority of themes available for Magento. If you're looking for some standard Magento theme then Airwave is not for you. It embraces new ideas for layered navigation, enhanced autocomplete search, ajax cart and more which helped us in achieving the desired bespoke look & feel.

As Stefan Reiter mentions in his review, the CSS code is indeed clean, readable and well organized. I recommend the theme to everyone looking for something new, fresh and really out of the box.

Yes, I recommend this product

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