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Garmin Dots Watchface

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We have created this simple watchface for miminalists, it shows the time by using 2 simple but customizeable dots. You can can change dots color, show or hide clock grid etc. The watchface also includes adjustable shapes, sunset and sunrise indicators, adjustable grid size, adjustable clock radius and more.


Garmin Dots Watchface is a special watchface for Garmin devices, it features a super simple design that indicates current time using 2 simple dots, one for hour and one for minute. It's customizeable and one can change multiple settings including clock radis, dots shape (supports ring and circle), show/hide sunset and sunrise hours, show/hide sunset/sunrise minutes (PRO), set sun phases radius, change colors of clock indicators and more.


Key features

  • Big dot indicator for current hour
  • Smaller dot indicator for current minute
  • Sun indicator for sunrise hour
  • Moon indicator for sunset hour
  • Small sun indicator for sunrise minute (PRO)
  • Small moon indicator for sunset minute (PRO)
  • No monthly fees


All our products come with a 6 full months (180 days) of premium support. To report a bug, use our Premium Help Desk available in your account at Anowave.

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User Guide & Documentation


You can install this watchface from Garmin Connect App or by downloading it at Garmin IQ Store . To install the watchface your device must be connected to your phone via bluetooth connection and Garmin Connect App started as well.



Activation is simple and requires a few steps as follows

1. Open Garmin Connect App and make sure watch is connected to phone via bluetooth connection

2. Click Menu -> Garmin Devices and select your device

3. Select Activities and App Management

4. Select Watchfaces

5. Select "Dots" watchface

6. Click settings and scroll down to Device setting

7. Copy the value shown there ex. 6c12df45

8. Go to My profile -> Change profile settings in your account at Anowave

9. Insert the value from pt. 7 in License domain 1 input and click Update profile, then click My orders -> View order

10. You will see the license key listed against your device identifier ex.: Domain: 7f74b2, License key: 365856

11. Go back to Watchface settings and insert the license key in the app settings

12. Click DONE so changes could take effect.


Configuring sunset/sunrise

Sunset and sunrise indicators require your current location in terms of geo coordinates e.g. latitude and longitude. These can be set manually in the application settings or automatically by the device. To set them automatically, simply run any activity that uses GPS positioning and wait till GPS is locked, then discard the activity. The device should automatically update the app settings and calculate the sunset and sunrise automatically from then on.


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