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Magento Kounta POS Sync Integration

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Connect Kounta Point of Sale (POS) with your Magento store with ready extension by Anowave. Sync your Kounta inventory, products, categories, sales, customers and more with any Magento store automatically.

IMPORTANT: As there are some limitations due to Kounta API, get in touch with us before purchase for more information about this product and any possible questions you might have.


This out-of-the-box extension allows you to effectively sync your inventory in Kounta with any Magento store. It automatically updates product and customer data from Kounta cloud to Magento and vise versa.

Based on Kounta's powerful API, the extension works in the background without interfering with normal content creation process. It uses your own personal application in Kounta to create/modify and remove data. The syncronization is two(2) directional. Data updated in Kounta gets updated automatically in Magento and vise versa, data created/modified in Magento gets updated in Kounta.

Nota bene: The data syncronization isn't 100% complete due to limitations of Kounta API. See all limitations in the bottom of this page.

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Key features

  • Automatically synchronizes Magento CE and Kounta Online POS
  • Pushes product data such as titles, long description, SKU, prices, images from Kounta Cloud to Magento CE.
  • Synchronizes customer information between Kounta and Magento CE
  • Synchronization is automatic and works silently on background. You will no longer have to manually synchronize, import, update or whatsoever. This all is done automatically for you.
  • Partial two (2) way syncronization supported.
  • Fully open source
  • Does not overwrite existing blocks, modules and controllers.
  • No monthly fees


What is Kounta Point of Sale?

Available at:

Kounta is a new Point of Sale experience that is always be up to date with the latest technology. Kounta is quick to set up, customisable and easy-to-use.


Why connect Kounta POS and Magento?

Kounta allows you to manage your products and inventory from single entry point and still sell them on multiple places on the Internet. Kounta to Magento connector automatically synchronizes products uploaded on Kounta with one or multiple Magento installations instantly.


Known limitations

There are certain limitations with regards to data syncronization caused by a limited support in Kounta API. As of 17/10/2014 the following limitations apply:

  • Supports only simple products. Does not support configurable, grouped and virtual products in Magento.
  • Customer update in Magento will send only phone to Kounta. Firstname and Lastname update will not be saved.
  • Customer deleted in Magento will not be deleted from Kounta.
  • Category deleted in Magento will not be removed from Kounta.
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User Guide & Documentation


This extension can be installed in a few minutes, by going through the following steps:

  • Download/purchase the extension
  • Unzip the file in a temporary directory
  • Copy folder "app" and paste it in your Magento installation root directory. This extension will NOT replace existing code.
  • Go to your admin panel and clear cache. Hit refresh on any of your Magento pages and you're done.


Configuring automated cron task

In order to make the extension work automatically, the cron.php file located in the Magento root will need to be run periodically, for example every 15 minutes.

Ex.1 Typical command line for CPanel

*/15 * * * * php -q /home/htpdocs/cron.php

Ex.2 Typical command line for CPanel with CGI

*/15 * * * * /usr/local/bin/php /home/cron.php

* Note that path to php and cron.php can be different on your server.


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