Freelance Magento Developer

Anowave is specialized in web development outsourcing and Magento development is no exception. We have published a lot of feature-rich and useful extensions, however sometimes a bespoke extension may be required. Unlike other companies and agencies, we provide a personal approach and a dedicated freelance developer available for you over phone, skype and/or email communication, 8 hours a day (UK time).

We can offer:

  1. A dedicated senior freelance web developer for your Magento project.
  2. Personal approach, one person available for your needs.
  3. 8 hour a day, UK time (daylight) direct communication via Skype, phone and/or email.
  4. Quick cost estimation based on project specification.
  5. Extra support from project manager if needs be.

Why oursource work with us?

  1. Anowave was established in 2007 and it has now over of 7 years of experience in web development
  2. We are cost effective
  3. We provide a dedicated and personal approach to our partners and clients
  4. 8 hour a day, UK time (daylight) direct communication via Skype, phone and/or email.
  5. This is NOT India, Pakistan, China or other high risk destination. The company is located in Bulgaria, Member of EU since 2007 and a preferred outsourcing destination for companies such as HP - Hewlett-Packard, Siemens, Johnson Controls and others.

Company or a freelance developer?

Both have their pros and cons. While working with established company provides some secruity, it also comes with high cost and expenses. On the opposite, a remote freelance Magento developer will cost less but it usually requires more efforts in project management, communcation etc.

Here at Anowave, both are merged to provide the benefits of working with a company and the cost effective pricing when working with a freelance developer.


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Extensions for Magento

Anowave is an extension developer for Magento 1.x and Magento 2.x platforms. We provide a wide range of premium extensions for our in-house and public clients. The extensions that we offer extend the capabilities of Magento and provide a bespoke functionality. They also fill some missing gaps in the functionality provided by the base platform and help customers in chosing Magento as prefered ecommerce platform.

The extensions that we offer are part of our full range Magento service which includes also a Premium Helpdesk where customers get to speak with actual software engineers and get their issues resolved without hussle. Premium labeled modules also include free installation, confiuration, testing etc.