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Magento Google Drive Sync

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Connect your Magento store with Google Drive and get your product and customer data saved in Google Drive automatically.

This extension will automatically sync product and customer data with Google Drive. When a product or customer is saved in your Magento store, the saved data is sent to Google Drive instantly.

Data is stored securely in a Google Spreadsheet in your personal Google Drive account and it can be accessed online via browser or Android device with installed Google Drive.

Except for product and customer data, the extension can be adjusted to save any type of data including sales, reporting, 3rd party held data etc.


This Magento extensions allows you to sync your Magento store with Google Drive automatically.

It can save product and customer data automatically in a spreadsheet on your Google Drive account. This allows you to store and access up to date data from any computer or any device running Google Drive. See Fig. 1

Fig. 1

How it works?

When you save or create a product, the extension will automatically connect to Google Drive and store the product data in an existing spreadsheet.
Everytime product is updated, data is synced instantly with Google Drive.

The extension is using your own app in Google Drive to write and read data from your private spreadhseets.


Key features


  • Sync Magento and Google Drive
  • Sync and send Magento product data to Google Drive Spreadsheet
  • Works silently in the background
  • Can be adjusted to sync any type of data including sales, reporting and/or data from 3rd party extensions as well. Note that the module does not provide these by default. Our software engineers can add the required functionality on demand.
  • Does not interfere with normal content creation
  • Does not overwrite existing files
  • Does not override blocks, controllers and other custom code
  • No monthly fees


While in most cases one may not need to send any data anywhere, there are situations where this can be convenient. Google Drive is a well known cloud storage and it comes with native clients for accessing it such as Android apps for instance. In a mobile world it could be easier to read data directly from a spreadsheet in your mobile device opposed to logging in Magento everytime.

Another useful application is instant data backup. Your data is sent to Google Drive the moment it gets changed and if your Magento store and/or database crash, data can be easily restored to CSV or XSL format.


Your data is as save as your profile in Google. It's sent to Google Drive securely through OAuth using access tokens. In fact your Google Account is way safer compared to any Magento installation.


The extension requires PHP 5.3 or higher.

Magento platform version
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User Guide & Documentation


This extension can be installed in a few minutes, by going through the following steps:

  • Download/purchase the extension
  • Unzip the file in a temporary directory
  • Copy folder "app" and paste it in your Magento installation root directory. This extension will NOT replace existing code.
  • Go to your admin panel andclear cache. Hit refresh on any of your Magento pages and you're done.

Creating Google Drive App

In order to function properly, the extension requires you to create a new application on Google. This could be challanging for the first time and that's why we've summarized all the required steps in a simple visual wizard below.

Step 1 - Prerequisites

Before you continue, you should have a standard Google Account and extension installed properly.

Step 2 - Creating a new project on Google

To create a new project on Google go to and click "Create Project". See Fig. 1

Fig. 1

Step 3 - Enabling Drive API

To enable Drive API, go to your Project dashboard and click "Enable an API". You will be presented by a list of available APIs. Select Drive API and change it's status to "ON". Your project may have other APIs enabled by default. It's save to disable them. See Fig. 2

Fig. 2

Step 4 - Creating Client ID

To create a new Client ID, click on your project title and then go to APIs & Auth -> Credentials. Click on "Create new Client ID". A dialog window will appear. Fill in the settings as shown on Fig. 3.

Fig. 3

Step 5 - Creating API Key

To create a new API key, click "Create new key". A dialog window will appear. Fill in the settings as shown on Fig. 3

Fig. 4

Step 6 - Authorizing extension

To allow the extension to send data to Google Drive you need to authorize your application with certain privileges. Google have a special tool called Google OAuth Playground. It's a tool that allows developers to test the API. It can also be used for exchanging authorization code for access token and refresh token as well.

Getting an access token requires a few steps outline below:

Go to Google OAuth Playground available on and click the "Gear" icon located in your top right corner of the window. A dialog window will appear. Fill in the fields as shown below. See Fig. 5

Fig. 5

Check "Use your own OAuth credentials" and then in OAuth Client ID and OAuth Client Secret fill in the data generated in Step 3. Then click "Close"

Once the OAuth Playground is configured properly you need to go through the steps available on the left. First, a scope must be selected. The application needs to have 2 scopes selected: (see Fig. 6)

Drive API v2 ->
Spreadsheets v3 ->

Fig. 7

Once scopes are selected, click "Authorize APIs". The tool will generate an authorization code on the next screen. See Fig. 7

Fig. 7

Once the Authorization code is generated, you can exchange it for access tokens. Click "Exchange authorization code for tokens". The tool will generate an access token and show them on the next screen. See Fig. 8

Fig. 8

Once access tokens are available to you, use them to configure the extension. It will use these tokens to access Google Drive and save data successfully. The extension cannot work without valid access tokens and if invalid tokens are provided, data won't be recorded properly on Google Drive.

Google may occasionally expire refresh tokens. Once this happens you need to repeat the process to obtain a new access and refresh tokens accordingly. If tokens are expired the extension will display a message in your Magento admin panel.



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