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Magento Advanced Product Filter and Inline editing

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This extension is a must have extension for Magento admin panel.

It will enhance your Magento experience by extending Magento product listing and allowing product export to CSV, product listing image, search products by category and/or custom attributes.

You can also search for In Stock / Out of Stock products in Magento admin which allows you to quickly identify out of stock products and update your inventory as soon as possible.

Key features

  1. Display product images in Manage Products section in Magento
  2. Add Export to CSV ability for products in Manage Products section
  3. Enable search by Category in products. Adds category filter in admin product grid
  4. Enable search by custom attribute. Attributes include Tax Class, Special price, Special Price date From, Special Price Date to
  5. Fast inline editing
  6. Show In Stock / Out of stock products in Magento admin panel


Magento Advanced Product Filter Extension will allow you to enhance your product grid in your admin panel by adding product images, enabling you to do mass actions, fast product edit by inline ajax enabled edit etc.

Product inline editing will allow you to edit product attributes directly on screen without going to product's edit page. This saves time and effors.

Magento platform version
User experience,Manager enhancements
Latest version

Demo instructions

  1. 1) Open our demo installation
  2. 2) Login with username: demo and password: demo
  3. 3) Go to Catalog -> Manage products
  4. 4) You should see product images in listing
  5. 5) To see inline editing in action, click on any of the texts with an edit icon next to them
  6. 6) Special price attribute should be available in product listing
  7. 7) To add more columns in products grid go to System -> Configuration -> Anowave Extensions (Tab) -> Filter configuration. Select attributes you want to see in product listing.
  8. 8) To review product export go to Catalog -> Manage products. Click Export to CSV (top right corner)

All our products come with a 6 full months (180 days) of premium support. To report a bug, use our Premium Help Desk available in your account at Anowave.

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User Guide & Documentation


This extension can be installed in a few minutes, by going through the following steps:

  1. Download/purchase the extension
  2. Unzip the file in a temporary directory
  3. Copy folder "app" and paste it in your Magento installation root directory. This extension will NOT replace existing code.
  4. Go to your admin panel and clear cache. Hit refresh on any of your Magento pages and you're done.

How to use the extension

Once installed, the extension will enhance your admin panel experience by adding/changing the following:

  1. Add product images in backend admin listing
  2. Enable products export to CSV in Magento
  3. Enable products export to Microsoft Excel XML in Magento
  4. Allow searching and/or filtering products by custom attribute. Supported attributes include Tax Class, Special price, Special Price date From, Special Price Date to

Configuring custom filterable attributes

To specify custom attributes

  1. 1) Go to System -> Configuration -> Anowave Extensions (Tab) -> Filter Configuration
  2. 2) Check the desired attributes to filter
  3. 3) Go back to Catalog -> Manage products
  4. 4) All selected attributes should be now available in your grid options as well as Export to CSV feature.



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