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Magento Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

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Enables Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce - Web Tracking for your Magento store with full support for Enhanced Ecommerce, AdWords Dynamic Remarketing, AdWords Conversion Tracking, Social Interaction tracking, Facebook Custom Audiences Pixel tracking and User ID tracking.

Measure your product performance, impressions, cart additions, clicks, checkout steps, refunds and more.


The enhanced ecommerce for analytics.js enables the measurement of user interactions with products on ecommerce websites across the user's shopping experience, including: product impressions, product clicks, viewing product details, adding a product to a shopping cart, initiating the checkout process, transactions, and refunds.


Key features

  • Track product impressions in category listing
  • Track product detail views
  • Track add to cart actions including quantities, product variants and options
  • Track remove from cart actions
  • Track checkout steps separately
  • Track checkout step options (e.g payment method chosen, shipping method etc.)
  • Track purchases
  • Track refunds
  • Track promotion impressions
  • Track promotion clicks
  • Track social interactions * NEW
  • AdWords Conversion Tracking Support
  • Custom dimensions and definitions Support
  • Extended support for Onestepcheckout * NEW
  • Facebook Custom Audiences Pixel * NEW
  • Built-in User ID tracking * NEW
  • Does not overwrite existing blocks, templates, modules etc.
  • No monthly fees
  • Suitable for custom Magento themes including AJAX based carts.

* theme dependable features that may require fine tuning by our engineers.



Ecommerce Analytics

By enabling enhanced ecommerce you will be able to receive extended set of data with regards to your products, conversion, customers, promotions etc.

You can see how your products and categories perform, how product position affects conversion rates and more.


How it works

The extension is designed to enable Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce tracking in Magento automatically. It will add the required code to track product impressions, views, purchases, events and more. It's specifically designed to be unobtrusive with regards to existing files, templates, blocks, modules etc. which makes it suitable for virtually every theme for Magento.


Custom definitions and dimensions

The extension goes beyond the enhanced ecommerce data sent to Google Analytics and introduces a set of up to 20 custom dimensions associated upon purchase with each product separately. It's now possible to not only record standard stuff such as price, quantity, category, brand etc. but also record customer specific values and assign them with each product separetely.

Built-in custom dimensions

  1. Customer ID
  2. Customer full name
  3. Customer gender
  4. Customer group
  5. Number of orders prior to current transaction

Through custom dimensions it's now possible to filter product performance by an extended set of data and see how your products perform by gender or customer group for instance. By default, built-in dimensions are limited to 5 but they can be increased up to 20 depending on your personal requirements. (Up to 200 for premium Google Analytics accounts). Contact us for support and questions.


Social Interaction Activity

By default social interaction activity isn't considered Enhanced Ecommerce feature however with rising popularity of social network marketing (SEM) and social media optimisation (SMO), tracking social activity on the store is an added value to reporting and analysis. The extension allows for tracking social activity for the most popular social networks through Google Tag Manager. You can now product shares to Facebook, Google and Twitter.

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All our products come with a 6 full months (180 days) of premium support. To report a bug, use our Premium Help Desk available in your account at Anowave.

Customer review(s)

Purchased Magento Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

I'm trully impressed by this extension. Not only it worked like a charm but it's possibly the most complete solution with regards to enhanced ecommerce. It covered all aspects of data tracking including event tracking such as "Add to cart", "Removed from cart" without modifying anything on our system.

What's more impressive is that the extension allows us to update our theme files like we normally do without messing with the logic added with regards to enhanced tracking.

Anyway, I'd definatelly recommend this extension. Awesome work Anowave!

Yes, I recommend this product

Purchased Magento Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

I was searching for a complete Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce solution for one of my clients Magento stores. This was a true life saver, not only it gives a complete Enhanced E-commerce integration, but if you stuck anywhere (e.g. your Magento uses some custom modules), Anowave support will be there for you. My situation was just like that and they solved all issues for me. So, definitely, the best product of it's kind.

Yes, I recommend this product

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User Guide & Documentation


This extension can be installed in a few minutes, by going through the following steps:

  • Download/purchase the extension
  • Unzip the file in a temporary directory
  • Copy folders to Magento installation root directory. This extension will NOT replace existing code.
  • Go to your admin panel and clear cache. Hit refresh on any of your Magento pages and you're done.

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