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This Shopify application allows Shopify shop owners to display store and dealer locations on interactive map.

Based on Ajax and Google Maps, the application automatically detects user's location and allows searching nearest stores within given radius.

It is the easiest way to allow your customers to find your stores.

You can manage your stores directly in your Shopify admin panel. It also supports bulk import and bulk export to ease you in uploading your stores.


This Shopify application is a powerful store/dealer locator based on Google Maps. It works within your Shopify admin panel allowing you to create unlimited number of store/delaer locations. With it's advanced intreface it is the fastest way to manage your stores within Shopify.

Key features

  • Shopify Store/Delaer locator
  • Unlimited number of stores supported
  • Allows you to manager your stores directly in your Shopify admin without leaving it
  • Support for bulk import
  • Support for bulk export
  • Based on Google Maps
  • Autocomplete enabled adress search
  • Support for search within radius
  • Ajax based
  • Pinpoint your stores with Drag & Drop enabled intreface
  • Automatically detects user's location

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