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This responsive carousel based on jQuery will enable you to provide animated sliding images on your site. Like other products of Anowave, it's designed to be responsive and mobile friendly.

Browser support
IE 9,IE 10,IE 11

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User Guide & Documentation

Configuration options

items Number of visible items (1 or more)
Determines the number of visible items in the carousel.
speed Animation duration in milliseconds (ms)
Use this setting to adjust the animation duration between slides.
auto Enable automatic slide (milliseconds)
This option sets the carousel to slide automatically. It accepts milliseconds as value.
next Next selector
A jQuery selector triggering next slide. Use this to adjust next arrow.
prev Prev selector
A jQuery selector triggering previous slide. Use this to adjust prev arrow.
responsiveAt Alter carousel below certain viewport (integer)
This option forces the carousel to show one item at a time below certian viewport with. Suitable to really small viewports such as iPhone. Default 480.
delay Delay (milliseconds)
Add delay between each slide's animation. Use this option to achieve a swinging effect. Default 0.

Lazy load (true or false)
Anoslide is equiped with advanced image preloader which allows for lazy load of images. To activate lazy load set this option to true, and then in each slide add the following code:

<img data-src="image.jpg" src="" />

* Note that src attribute should be empty and data-src attribute is used instead.


Callback function
Triggered once at construction time

instance - Instance of Anoslide


Callback function
Triggered when animation starts

ui - JSON Object


Callback function
Triggered when animation ends

ui - JSON Object


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