Freelance web designer and developer, Bulgaria

Anowave is focused on providing outsourcing and freelance development services for UK companies and/or individual direct clients.


We can offer:

  1. A senior freelance web developer for you project.
  2. A senior freelance graphic designer for your project.
  3. Personal approach, one person available for your needs.
  4. 8 hour a day, UK time (daylight) direct communication via Skype, phone and/or email.
  5. Quick cost estimation based on project specification.
  6. Extra support from project manager if needs be.

Why hire us?

  1. Our team includes senior PHP developers (7+ years of experience) only, with university degree in IT or similar.
  2. Our team includes senior Graphic Designers (10+ years of experience) only, with university degree in Arts.
  3. We work for UK only based companies and are aware of UK client demands.
  4. We are positive and problem solvers.
  5. We provide individual approach, but we can always backup and involve another developer in special cases.
  6. We work on fixed cost based on project specification, enabling you to estimate your budget to the last penny.
  7. We have worked on virtually hundreds of projects including CMS based, e-Commerce, bespoke systems etc.
  8. We can provide an in-house high performance drag & drop enabled content management system - Anowave CMS for your needs.

Who are we

Anowave is in business since year 2007. Since then we've been developing web sites for customers in UK. We are focused primarily on providing web based solutions build on top of open source technologies such as PHP, MySQL etc. The company is powered by highly skilled professionals including top level software developers, talented graphic designers and broadminded managers.

Unlike other development companies, we are focused on providing a solid, high performance and 100% bespoke software for our clients and partners. We've been developing an in-house content management system called Anowave.