Anowave Charity Foundation



What is Anowave Charity Foundation

As of 8th of November 2014 we at Anowave are starting a charity programme that will help young people grow. At the end of each year, Anowave will donate 1% of each order made through our Anowave Marketplace to schools and universities in the shape of IT equipment such as desktop computers, laptops and/or modernization of classrooms. By using our products you not only get a great product and service but also become part of our chartity program and help young people all over the world grow. The primary aims of the foundation are, globally, to expand educational opportunities and access to information technology.


Why are we doing this

We're young people ourselves and we've been there, in the same classrooms and through our charity programme we hope that young people who follow us will have better learning environment and will learn stuff with passion and eagerness.


Why equipment and not money

We want to be sure that donation will fulfil it's purpose. Money can be spend on anything.


Fundraising for emergencies

Except for educational purposes, we're are going to make the raised funds available also in case of emergencies and/or global disasters.



At the end of each year we will list the results achieved by this programme publicly on our site.


Foundation results

2014 - Made donation for a 12 year old child for treatment abroad in Munich, Germany.

2015 - Made donation for kindergarten equipment for XIX nursery, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Who are we

Anowave is in business since year 2007. Since then we've been developing web sites for customers in UK. We are focused primarily on providing web based solutions build on top of open source technologies such as PHP, MySQL etc. The company is powered by highly skilled professionals including top level software developers, talented graphic designers and broadminded managers.

Unlike other development companies, we are focused on providing a solid, high performance and 100% bespoke software for our clients and partners. We've been developing an in-house content management system called Anowave.